Roof Maxx is the fastest growing roofing company in the US that focuses on preserving and restoring asphalt roofs.  The company developed a scientifically formulated rejuvenating spray treatment that extends the life of asphalt shingles by restoring their flexibility and enhancing their waterproofing protection.  A single treatment can rejuvenate the asphalt shingles and extend the roof’s life up to an additional 5 years, up to 15 years with multiple treatments 

Roof Maxx was created because asphalt has become expensive, and thus manufacturers use less of it in their production.  This has resulted in asphalt shingles deteriorating quality and premature roof failure rates – they easily lose their natural oil and become quickly dry and brittle, ultimately resulting in a roof’s diminished lifespan.    

With roof preservation and sustainability as focus, the company and Batelle Laboratories developed the Roof Maxx Treatment.  Batelle Labs is the world’s largest private R&D company, and it formulated a treatment that is all-naturalplant-based, and 100% safe.  The Roof Maxx treatment is a replenishing oil derived from soybean oil.  The soy-fusion technology in Roof Maxx allows microbeads to penetrate brittle asphalt roof shingles quickly.  Once applied, it restores the asphalt shingles’ flexibility to withstand regular roof expansion and contraction brought by changing temperatures and extreme weather conditions. 

Roof Maxx is a certified USDA bio preferred, plant-based product with 86% bio-based content.  It is safe for people, pets, plants, and the overall environment.   

What are the benefits of Roof Maxx? 


Replacing a roof can be expensive.  Why replace if it can be restored?  The average cost to replace a roof is $10,000-12,000.  Roof Maxx treatment is only 20-25% of this cost with a 5yr warranty.  The possibility of treating the same roof multiple times saves even more money! 


Roof Maxx application takes only 1-2 hours.  This means that it can be completed in a fraction of the time that a roof replacement would take.  In addition to the speedy application time, a Roof Maxx treatment is not messy or noisyunlike a roof replacement.  

Restoration of the roof’s tip-top shape 

Roof Maxx treatment will restore the integrity and beauty of the existing roofing.  A single application can extend roof life by 5 years.  There is also an option to repeat the process 2 more times at a fiveyear interval, adding another 10 years to the roof’s lifespan.  Having a roof in tip-top position will keep homeowners warmdry and free from worries.  If the property is for sale, having a Roof Maxx restoration in the home’s recent history can keep it in an attractive position for potential buyers. 

It helps save the environment 

Restoring a roof through Roof Maxx treatment is friendlier for the environment than disposing of worn and brittle asphalt shingles in a landfill.   Applying Roof Maxx to one house saves 3.8 tons of landfill waste, 80kg of CO2 emissions, and 1420 kg of CO2 emission from shingle manufacturing. If Roof Maxx was used on 1% of the homes in America instead of replacement, it would be like taking 240,000 cars off the road for a year! 

If your asphalt roof starts to show signs of drying and losing flexibility, displaced shingles, and signs of de-granulation, then it’s time to extend its life.  Roof Maxx is an affordable but effective alternative to asphalt roof replacement.   It is 100% safezero interruption, no mess, roof treatment option for you.