Few innovations have significantly affected the roofing industry in recent years. In fact, most shingles now contain far less asphalt than just a decade ago, causing them to dry outbreak down, and often fail prematurely. As a result, roof replacements contribute over 13 million tons of waste annually, about 10% of all construction waste in landfills, and cause more than 12 billion square feet of new shingles to be manufactured each year. This approach is by no means sustainable, let alone cost effective, since a new home roof can cost families upwards of $10,000. Fortunately, biotechnological breakthroughs are poised to disrupt and revolutionize this industry. RoofMaxx is paving the way with the world’s first sustainable roofing solution using Soy Fusion technology which improves shingle waterproofing, flexibility, and durability, thereby reducing waste, cost, and the need for nonrenewable natural resources.   

Award-winning Technology

RoofMaxx Co-founders Mike and Todd Feazel partnered with Battelle Labs, the world’s largest research and development company, to create their groundbreaking asphalt shingle roof treatment. This powerful, all-natural treatment utilizes the unique properties of soybean oil to penetrate aged asphalt shingles and replace the petrochemical oils lost during daily contraction and expansion. Ohio State University tested the formula on dry 17-year-old shingles and found that they passed the same American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM) requirements of their brand-new counterparts. These findings leRoofMaxx to receive global recognition in 2019 from World Bio Markets as one of the Top 10 Most Dynamic and Inspiring Startups. Furthermore, their Soy Fusion technology is USDA Certified Bio Preferred, meaning it is composed almost entirely of renewable biological materials.    


This revolutionary roof rejuvenation solution makes it easy and affordable to protect your family’s home. RoofMaxx treatments extend the life of asphalt shingles by up to 5 years per application, and can be applied up to 3 times. Treatments cost about 80% less than traditional roof replacements, and significantly improve shingle waterproofing, flexibility, granule adhesion, permeability, and hail impact resistance, all with no added risk of fire. They do this by dramatically reducing the effects of thermal shock as roof materials quickly change from high to low temperature and back again. Millions of soy oil microbeads rapidly penetrate the protective top gravel coating deep into the shingles’ essential layer of waterproofing asphalt, restoring them to approximately their original condition in just 72 hoursThe end result is extended roof life, greater home protection, and maximized property value.


RoofMaxx effectively fuses scientific methods with organic materials. Not only are their award-winning asphalt shingle treatments affordable, they are 100% safe for pets, people, property, and the environment. Because treatments are scientifically formulated with all-natural, food grade soybean oil, they provide homeowners with a green solution to conventional roof replacements which reduces waste from petroleum-based raw materials used in manufacturing, as well as in streams and landfills. By extending the roof’s life, its carbon and environmental footprint is reduced so that if just 1% of single-family homes were treated instead of replaced, nearly 3 million tons of landfill waste and over 1 million metric tons of CO2 equivalents in emissions could be eliminated.

As new and improved technologies are developed, more effective roofing techniques will become available for everyday homeowners. Home roofs are designed to last a fairly long time, and with proper maintenance, asphalt shingles can remain flexible, durable, permeable, and fire resistant for decades to come. RoofMaxx offers property owners a safe and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional roof replacements which can extend lifetime by up to 15 years for a fraction of the cost. If you and your family are concerned about the condition of your roof, we encourage you to contact us with questions or concerns. We’d love the opportunity to give you peace of mind and help restore your roof to its original condition.