Regular maintenance is a major obligation for most property managers. Renters expect their homes to be safe for their friends, family, and loved ones year-round. Throughout the seasons, properties are exposed to extremes in weather, from hail to blizzards and thunderstorms. These elements will take a toll on any structure’s exterior, especially its roof and shingles. Quality roof maintenance is preferable to replacement in many cases, and Roof Maxx makes it easier than ever. Roof Maxx can aid with roof care and rental property maintenance in a variety of ways.

Why Choose RoofMaxx?

Roof Maxx was developed because asphalt is expensive and less of it is now used in production. This results in shingles which dry and crack, severely decreasing a roof’s life expectancy. Our scientifically formulated roof rejuvenation treatment extends the life of asphalt shingles by restoring their flexibility and durability. A single treatment can refresh shingles, improve granule adhesion, and protect against future hail damage. This technology is the world’s first sustainable roofing solution which reduces waste, costs, and the need for replacements.  

Benefits for Property Managers 

Replacing a roof is often a property owner’s last resort, as it’s best to avoid this unless absolutely necessary. Instead, managers will prefer to repair and maintain the property’s existing design. The easier and more convenient the process, the better. Roof Maxx treatments are a proprietor’s best friend, as they protect an investment with little effort. Just take it from this satisfied property developer! 

1. Convenience 

Roof Maxx applications only takean hour or two from start to finish. This means they can be completed in a fraction of the time of a traditional roof replacement. Small teams work quickly, and treatments aren’t messy or noisy, either.Nobody even needs to be home during the application. However, tenants won’t be bothered by falling wood, nails, or shingles if they are present during the process. Property managers can schedule a free roof assessment or inspection in Lincoln, Nebraska, and surrounding areas at their convenience.

2. Unmatched Value

Traditional roof replacements can cost nearly $10,000 per building. Large projects often span across multiple months and require dozens of individuals to complete them on time. In contrast, Roof Maxx costs about 80% less than a traditional replacement. They also extend the life of asphalt roofs by up to 5 years per treatment. Managers will enhance their properties’ shingle waterproofing, granule adhesion, permeability, and impact resistance with no added risk of fire. Effects of thermal shock are dramatically reduced as the natural oils refresh the shingles’ original flexibility. This resultsin extended roof life, greater tenant protection, and maximized property value over time. 

3. Safe and Natural

Roof Maxx uses proven methods and organic materials. Applications are completely safe for pets, people, property, as well as the environment. Because treatments are made with all-natural, food grade soybean oil, they provide a green solution to roof replacements. This dramatically cuts waste from raw materials used in the manufacturing process. By choosing maintenance over replacement, a roof’s carbon and environmental footprint is reduced. In fact, treatments prevent nearly 4 tons of landfill waste and hundreds of kilograms of emissions from shingle manufacturing. Plus, up to 3 treatments can be applied to extend a roof’s lifespan by up to 15 years. 

Roof Maxx offers property owners a safe and convenient way to protect their investments. This eco-friendly and affordable alternative to roof replacements can be applied multiple times as needed. If you’re considering a roof replacement, please reach out for a free consultation. Roof Maxx may be just what you need to refresh your property’s asphalt shingles and extend its life today.