Replacing a roof isn’t something many homeowners look forward to, and for good reason. For one, roof replacements are quite expensive. They’re also unsustainable, generating over 13 million tons of waste annually. This puts families in a tough position when it comes to home maintenance. Fortunately, Roof Maxx provides homeowners with a natural and sustainable alternative to roof replacement. 

What Is Roof Maxx?  

Roof Maxx is an award-winning, eco-friendly shingle treatment aimed at increasing roof life expectancy. Nowadays, shingles are made with less asphalt than before, meaning that they dry out much more quickly. Roof Maxx will reestablish your shingles’ original strength, durability, and flexibility in no time. 

Roof Maxx is a soy-based water emulsion. The all-natural formula restores shingles’ original properties without toxic or flammable petroleum chemicals. This plant-based alternative is environmentally friendly and leverages organic methods to restore the durability of your roof.  

A Roof Maxx treatment only takes a couple hours to be absorbed into shingles. This process is much cleaner and more rapid than any traditional roof replacement. After treatment, Roof Maxx will add up to 5 years of life to your shingles. It can be applied up to 3 times, potentially adding 15 years of life over time. Since most last about 20 years on average, Roof Maxx can nearly double the lifespan of any asphalt shingle roof. 

What are the Benefits?

There are a variety of benefits of Roof Maxx shingle treatments. Here are some of the top reasons why homeowners love this product 

1. Cost Savings  

Nobody wants to pay $12,000 for a new roof. Though homeowners may have to eventually, Roof Maxx can delay this expense for over a decade. Since a Roof Maxx treatment costs roughly 15-20% of a replacement, this results in significant savings over time. Homeowners can easily protect their family and their investment’s value with repeated roof treatments. 

2. Sustainability 

Taking care of our environment is critical and Roof Maxx is a great way to do just that. Its amazing properties were created by roofers to reduce waste and revitalize shingles. Roof Maxx can save millions of tons of waste from landfills annually while decreasing the need for new materials. This helps to drastically cut emissions produced during the shingle manufacturing process. Since about 7% of US roofs are replaced every year, this positive impact on the environment is massive. 

3. Improved Performance 

As a roof ages, it weakens due to extremes in weather and temperature. Shingles tend to dry out and lose much of their ceramic granule coating. Roof Maxx restores the strength and durability of your shingles by replacing their natural properties and granule adhesion. This means the roof will better withstand hail, rain, and major temperature changes for years to come. 

Does it Really Work?

Homeowners can rest assured that Roof Maxx is a scientifically proven technology. It’s been carefully tested by Ohio State University to show that it will successfully rejuvenate 17-year-old shingles. Roof Maxx does this without any additional fire risk to the home. Treatments come with a limited warranty guaranteeing shingle flexibility during this time. This provides great peace of mind for homeowners who want to know they’ve made a sound investment.  

Finally, Roof Maxx is a recipient of the World Bio Markets Top 10 Bio-Star Award. The international bio-economy event is one of the foremost sustainability conferences in the world. There, Roof Maxx received global recognition as the leading sustainable roofing solution on the market today. 

If you’re ready to rejuvenate your roof and save thousands on a replacement, contact us today. We will gladly provide a free inspection to determine if Roof Maxx is right for you.