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How Long Does an Average Roof Last?

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As a homeowner, you’ve probably found yourself wondering how long your family’s roof will last. The honest truth is the answer to this question has a lot to do with its structural makeup and the quality of its overall craftsmanship. The weather and climate in a particular area will also play a significant role in determining the average lifespan of any residential roof and the regularity of maintenance required to keep it in good condition.  In order to get a clear estimate of how long an average residential roof is expected to last, one must consider

Interior Signs of Roof Damage and How to Spot Them Early

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Home and commercial roofs are most structure’s first line of defense against the harsh elements. Identifying indicators of damage quickly is the best way to reduce repair costs and prevent future consequences. Even minor leaks can spread and compromise the interior and integrity of any structure. All roofs are vulnerable to leaks and damage, especially those built long ago or with poor design and materials. The lack of proper can also lead to problems moving forward.  There are many obvious signs of

Commercial Roof Maintenance Tips

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Business owners and executives generally spend their time attending to important matters such as oversight, development, and operations. With all the different matters under their supervision, their company’s commercial roof is the likely among the least of their worries. Chances are they may only feel obligated to take a second look if it becomes problematic. Roof construction is often taken for granted, but proper commercial roof maintenance is a must for large and small businesses alike. While

Why and How to Clean Your Home’s Gutters

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Cleaning your gutters may be one of the most unpopular chores for any homeowner. Aside from it being a dirty, tedious task, it can also be dangerous, as it usually requires climbing a ladder or rooftop. However annoying this chore may seem, it is essential in order to maintain a safe home for you and your family. Also, maintaining your gutters will help to ensure that your home and its roof will last for years to come.    Gutters and downspouts exist to collect and direct rainwater away from your home. When functioning properly,

Spring Roof Maintenance Tips

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Are the shingles on your roof looking brittle and weathered? Do you have missing or displaced shingles? Does your ceiling show water spots or sagging? These signs indicate that it’s time for a roof inspection—and spring is the best season for it.  During the harsh winter months, your roof has protected you and your family from nature’s merciless snow, ice, rain, and wind. Unfortunately, your roof may have become significantly damaged or worn out due to these extreme weather conditions.   During springtime, you should begin taking steps

What is Roof Maxx, and What are its Benefits?

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Roof Maxx is the fastest growing roofing company in the US that focuses on preserving and restoring asphalt roofs.  The company developed a scientifically formulated rejuvenating spray treatment that extends the life of asphalt shingles by restoring their flexibility and enhancing their waterproofing protection.  A single treatment can rejuvenate the asphalt shingles and extend the roof’s life up to an additional 5 years, up to 15 years with multiple treatments  Roof Maxx was

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