Roof System Maintenance

Before a roof rejuvenation treatment, we perform a maintenance tune-up of your entire roofing system, with focus on leak-prone areas of your roof. Areas like flashings, exposed nails, loose/cracked shingles, ridge vents, and pipe vent boots are several common areas we see great potential for leaks, related to age or install.

Homeowner Education

Roof maintenance is not something most homeowners often think about and these seemingly minor areas can create major leak and/or mold issues if left unmaintained. Below are just a few of the issues we’ve found on roofs not yet showing signs of leaks from inside the home, but would certainly create costly damage if left unattended.

Commonly Remedied Issues

One easily identified sign of roof leaks are water spots or bubbling on the ceiling or walls. Oftentimes though, leaks don’t present themselves for quite sometime due to the number of layers water must pass to get there (shingles, underlayment, plywood, insulation, drywall, paint) so it’s best to inspect annually and be proactive in roof maintenance.

As part of our Roof Restoration process, we will perform a full roof maintenance tune-up to ensure all components are performing as intended before applying Roof Maxx shingle rejuvenation application to restore durability and flexibility of shingles.